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Types of Tow Trucks

If you need a tow, you can pick from four different tow trucks to provide the service. Although most people who need emergency towing gallup nm aren’t peculiar about the type of tow truck, there are some instances where using one truck is necessary or bet to prevent damage. Want to know more about the different types of tow trucks available to come to your rescue?

Flatbed Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow trucks are one of the most commonly used types of tow trucks around today. This truck is a simple truck with a long bed and flat top that uses hydraulics to lift it up and down. The flatbed truck is easy-to-use and easy-to-drive, although you’ll likely hire someone to provide the transport service.

Integrated Tow Truck

An integrated tow truck is another type of tow truck available to use for a tow after an accident, breakdown, or for other problems. This is a heavy-duty truck that is specialized to transport buses and big rigs. The truck has extra axles to support the added weight of these vehicles.

Hook and Chain Tow Trucks

The old-style hook and chain tow truck is still used today.  It’s used to transport various types of cargo and while not as popular as it was at one time, it’s still used by many trucking companies. It’s often used only when the vehicle in question is being transported to a salvage yard.

emergency towing gallup nm

Wheel Lift Tow Truck

The fourth type of tow truck available is the wheel lift tow truck. This truck is similar to the hook and chain tow truck, except it uses a metal yoke rather than chains so there is less risk of damage to the vehicle. It uses a pneumatic hoist to lift the vehicle and transport it away.